When tradition meets modernity: A Christmas wedding

A wedding at the William Cecil, Stamford. Christmas wedding Stationery. Feature bride and flowers

I find my couples want to create something extra special – a memento to keep and treasure forever, to truly reflect their love story and wedding! However, a lot of people can also find this process stressful and confusing, so I’ve put together a few tips below to help smooth out the process. I like to think that I can take the stress and confusion out of it! 

What do you want to say?

Wedding invitations can be as basic as telling your guests a time and location, but I like to start from the beginning: who you are as a couple, and how you got here – this is an important factor about why you’ve decided to get married, after all! I then like to present ideas that truly reflect this and make your stationery something really personal. I find that telling your story within the illustrations is very special. 

What colours and flowers are you having?

Drawing and painting are passions of mine. I’m always keen to tie your flowers and their colours together, so they appear on your stationery that will be displayed at your wedding. I believe this creates a really lovely effect, especially with on-the-day stationery; it joins everything up for your guests and creates a really sophisticated and elegant feel to your wedding day. 

On-the-day wedding stationery

It’s important to think about the next stage of your stationery. Never is the above more important than when it comes to your on-the-day stationery! That’s because if you have a certain style of venue – it could be a barn, country hall, stately home, marquee, hotel – then your stationery could feel very different to reflect it. It’s also a good idea for your table stationery to tie in with the other colours, flowers and other decorations you have on your wedding tables. 

Have you chosen a style or stylist?

If you have, this should also be considered. It’s not the case of overtly sign-posting your theme, but rather to elegantly nod towards it. It can be as simple as a certain style of font, for example: if you chose a festival style, the font would be very different to that of a 1920s cocktail party style! 

Understanding what’s important to you as a couple is a great place to start, and then build upon that – wedding stationery is the first indication for your guests about what to expect, and striking the right tone is hugely important.

A good chat and a brew with your wedding stationer (hi there!) will iron out what your wedding is about, who you are as people – then soon, you’ll find an elegant solution and feel a lot clearer. I’m very organised in my approach and find out what’s really important for you. I love the feeling of making people happy and excited about their big day, building anticipation and finding love in their stationery! 

On-the-day wedding stationery at Sissons Barn, Peakirk

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